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RiverRun studios is a professional recording studio facility in rural Bedfordshire with a history of making great sounding records since 1991. Based around an Apple Mac & Pro Tools rig with SSL, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, TL Audio & Digidesign hardware and outboard equipment, our studio provides a….


Riverrun is currently home to studio producer & engineer David Leighton. With 10 years experience in the industry at studios & production labels all over the country, over 200 records, national radio airplay & chart success on his resume, David has....

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    Your New Antique

    David is a stunning engineer/mixer, professional and extremely easy to work with. Ideas and suggestions he brings to the table are always well thought out and add to the track. All in all, top bloke, can't keep up with the northerners on the booze, but excelent at what he does.

    Your New Antique

    The entire studio atmosphere is conducive to the utmost creativity, from the picturesque surroundings, to the stacks of phenomenal equipment. This goes hand in hand with David's ability to run the studio, and get the very best from each song. I've never met anyone with such an innate understanding of everything recording encompasses, from the technological aspects of ProTools to the creative elements of writing and structuring a new piece. He has certainly helped us craft our best work, and I wouldn't ever want to record in a different environment.

    The Summer War

    The Summer War
    Old School Reasons

    This is the second record we have made with David Leighton at River Run Studios as we were so impressed with the process and the end result the first time. Dave is very helpful and genuinely enthusiastic about all styles of music from the first stages of the drum tracks right down to the final mix. He is always on hand to lend his honest opinions and his own creative ideas that we would probably never have thought of. With an excellent attention to detail and the patience of a saint Dave made sure we got the sound we were after. We will definitely be back for record number three.

    Old School Reasons

    Working with Dave was a great experience in every way you would want it to be. We spent months developing our songs to perfection before we started recording and in the three days we spent in the studio with him our songs developed even more due to his incredible ear and song writing ideas. He is a talented professional, and a great guy to work with. We had a lot of laughs, a hell of a lot of fun, but most importantly three amazing sounding tracks were recorded. We have a lot of love for this guy and can’t wait to work with him again!

    The Nigel Passey Band

    The Nigel Passey Band


    Computer & DAW

    • 8 Core Apple Mac Pro
    • Pro Tools 9 & 10
    • Logic Pro 10
    • Various Waves, Soundtoys, Bombfactory & Slate Digital Plugs

    Amps & Cabs

    • Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 Watt Head
    • Peavey Valveking 100 Watt Head
    • Blackstar Series 1 100watt Head
    • Blackstar Series 1 4x12 Cab
    • Orange PPC 2x12 Closed Back Cab
    • Peavy Valveking 4 x12 Cab
    • Marshall MG100 Series Combo
    • Various Boss & Electroharmonix Pedals & FX


    • Shure
    • AKG
    • Rode
    • SE Electronics
    • Sennheiser
    • Sontronics

    Outboard & Monitoring

    • 16 Inputs across Digidesign & Universal Audio A/D Converters
    • Universal Audio 4 710 Pre Amp’s & 1176 Style Dynamics
    • TL Audio 5001 Pre’s
    • API 6b Lunchbox with SSL 611 E Series EQ x 2
    • Lindell Audio Passive EQ x 2
    • Elysia Xfilter Stereo EQ
    • TL Audio C1 Compressor/Preamp (1st gen)
    • Empirical Labs Distressor
    • TL Audio Crimson Series EQ x2
    • TL Audio 5013 EQ x 2
    • TL Audio EQ 1 (1st Gen)
    • Radial Re-amp
    • Mackie HR824 Monitors
    • Yamaha HS80 Monitors
    • Yamaha HS50 Monitors
    • Mono Mix Cube
    • DT100 Headphones
    • Mackie Big Knob Controller


    • 24inch Gretsch Bass Drum
    • 24inch Hayman Bass Drum
    • 22inch Pearl Export Bass Drum
    • 12inch Gretsch Tom
    • 13inch Pearl Export Tom
    • 14inch Yamaha Tom
    • 16inch Gretsch Tom
    • 16inch Pearl Export Tom
    • 13 x 7 Mapex Black Panther Snare
    • 14 x 6.5 Gretsch Snare (Mahogany)
    • 13 x 7 Pearl Snare (Steel)
    • Various Rides, Crash’s, Hats & Hardware
    • Tambourines
    • Cabasa’s
    • Meinl Fruit/Egg Shakers
    • Basket Shakers
    • Chimes & Woodblocks

    Computer & DAW

    • 8 Core Apple Mac Pro
    • Pro Tools 9 & 10
    • Logic Pro 10
    • Various Waves, Soundtoys, Bombfactory & Slate Digital Plugs

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